Pasta Cooker / Heated Well

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Type :  RCTHW6
Product Specification

The new multipurpose pasta cooker from Hatco easy to operate with three preset temperature settings for cooking pasta and vegetables. It is the ideal choice for hotels, quick-service restaurants and food kiosks because of its attractive appearance, rapid heating capabilities, and robust design. It holds a wide variety of foods, including soups, curries, gravies, and toppings, which gives it greater flexibility. Accessory adapter kits provide a variety of needs. Heat is quickly and evenly distributed throughout this unit to hold food at desired temperatures. There are numerous accessories available for the RCTHW-1 these include a soup kettle plate, a sauce warmer plate, pasta cooker plate, noodle basket and various round pans with lids.
* Gastro pans not included
* Stainless steel for easy maintenance and reliable
* Numerous accessories available below
* Three temperature setpoints from 50°C to 100°C
* Electronic controller to monitor the temperature
* Insulated stainless steel design
* Comes with soup kettle adapter & two 7 litre pans with lids
* Comes with steamer plate adapter
* Comes with standard pasta cooker adapter
* Available below kit for soup kettle, sauce warmer
* Available belowl kit for steam warming and reheating
* Anti-Drip design prevents water flowing outside the unit
* Temperature protection device
* Auto-fill feature automatically fills with water
* Designed for warming, steaming or boiling
* Automatically shuts off if the unit runs dry
* Drain for easy cleaning and maintenance
* Wet heat
* Low power mode for energy efficiency
Capacity : 1 x GN1/1
W x D x H (mm) : 368 x 610 x 282
V : 230
Ph : 1
Hz : 50
Electric Power (kW) : 6
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