Meat Slicer 350 mm Blade Diameter Automac Frozen

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Type :  SWPL 350 Automec Frozen

Product Description

Manufacturer of the finest food processing machines for professional kitchens and retail industry from Italy, Rewebo is one of the market leaders in the industry. Designed with a perfect combination of technology and dependability, innovations and solutions to meet and exceed the demands of restaurants, bars, pizzerias, butcheries, supermarkets, laboratories, collectivities and plants.

Fine polishing and anodizing treatment results in hygienic and long lasting build, forged and hardened large thickness blade, easy and precise sharpening, great reliability, silent running and easy servicing, easy and safe to clean, safety device against accidental switching on.

Blade Diameter : 350
Cut Thickness : 23 mm
Motor Power : 0.74HP / 550Watt
Blade Angle : 35′
Width (mm) : 700
Depth (mm) : 660
Height (mm) : 750
Weight (kg) : 57
V : 230
Ph : 1
Hz : 50
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