Meat/Bone Saw 2400 mm Blade

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Type : SO 2400 INOX


Product Description

Simple and sturdy machines that are safe and easy to use. Stand-alone structure made out of cast anodized aluminium, shiny, hygienic and rustproof. Features a counter, meat pusher and serving slicer in stainless steel AISI 304. 24V controls with safety micro-switch on door, redundant ECU and motor brake (EC). Utmost simplicity and accuracy when horizontally and vertically adjusting the upper pulley. Maximum blade adhesion to the pulley, thanks to the semi-curved shape of the pulleys and ideal adjustment. Airtight bearings on upper pulley. Smooth cleaning thanks to 2 special manufacturing details: – All the electrical parts are protected IP x5 or higher – By simply unscrewing two knobs, you can remove the blade, upper pulley and its support, thereby making for a surface void of any encumbrance. Powerful asynchronous and ventilated 4-pole motors protected by sealing oil sump. The machines use tempered 16 mm blades to shred bone, frozen or fresh

Blade (mm) : 2400
Motor Power : 2.50 HP
RPM : 900
Pulley (mm) : 300
Work Area (mm) : 510 x 710
W x D x H (mm) : 715 x 750 x 1670
V : 400
Ph : 3
Hz : 50


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