Dice Cube Machine

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Type :   KDIM-600


Product Description

Modular ice maker. Can produce 345 to 1000 pounds of ice per day
(under the right conditions) depending on the model. Stainless steel
construction provides durability to a unit that is low-maintenance and
easy to clean. Vertical evaporator and proven ice making technology
assures years of reliable ice production. These models can be stacked
for even more ice production, if needed.

Air Temp 70°F (21°C), Water Temp 50°F (10°C)

  • KDIM1000 Daily Ice Production: 1000 lbs (454kg)
  • KDIM600 Daily Ice Production: 602 lbs (274kg)
  • KDIM452 Daily Ice Production: 460 lbs (209kg)
  • KDIM360 Daily Ice Production: 343 lbs (156kg)
  • Air Temp 90°F (32°C) Water Temp 70°F (21°C)

Air Temp 90°F (32°C), Water Temp 70°F (21°C)

  • KDIM1000 Daily Ice Production: 800lbs (363kg)
  • KDIM600 Daily Ice Production: 468 lbs (212kg)
  • KDIM452 Daily Ice Production: 368 lbs (164kg)
  • KDIM360 Daily Ice Production: 266 lbs (121kg)

Storage Bin is not included. Kold-Draft has an assortment of
storage bins available, holding up to 940 pounds of ice

Gravity Drain is Required


Ambient Temp Range : 45° to 99°F (7° to 37°C)
Water Temp Range:  40° to 90°F (4° to 32°C)
Water Usage 100lbs (45.4kg) of Ice:  16 Gallons (60.6 L)
Water Supply Line Connection:  3/8”FPT
Water Pressure Range
Min PSI 15 Max PSI 80 (above 80 requires a regulator)
Min Bar 1.0 Max Bar 5.5

Exterior Material: Stainless Steel
Air Cooled Compressor
Automatic Cleaning Cycle
*Water Filter Recommended
* To deliver optimal performance it is recommended that the
automatic cleaning cycle be executed at least every 3 months using a nickel safe solution

• CFC & HCFC free R-404A
KDIM1000 220V/50Hz/1 Ph (NO Plug)
KDIM600 220V/50Hz/1 Ph (Type F Plug )
KDIM452 220V/50Hz/1 Ph (Type F Plug)
KDIM360 220V/50Hz/1 Ph (Type F Plug)
(220V/50-60Hz/1ph available as an option)


Capacity : 212-274/day
W x D x H (mm) : 762 x 610 x 533
V : 220
Ph : 1
Hz : 50
Rated Curent (Amp) : 6.2


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