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About Robot Coupe:

Robot Coupe, the food preparation specialist for more than 40 years, as a leader in the manufacturing world of food preparation equipment, Robot-coupe offers a wide range of machines adapted to each professional needs (restaurants, Hotels, institutions, delicatessens, caterers…). Robot Coupe factory is located in France.

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Type : Robot Cook

Product Specification

Emulsifying, grinding, mixing, chopping, blending and kneading are among the many functions carried out to perfection by the Robot Cook®. In addition, there is modulable heating capacity up to 140°C, accurate to the nearest degree. The large capacity bowl means you can produce sufficient quantities for professional needs.





Béarnaise, Mayonnaise, Hollandaise,  Beurre blanc




Pesto, Almonds, Pistachio, food powder



Velouté soups, vegetable purées, Compotes, iced preparations



herbs, terrines, condiments, tartares



Béchamel, custard, risotto, Crème pâtissière



choux pastry, yeast dough, short crust pastry, sweet pastry


5 speed functions:

–       Variable speed 100 – 3500 rpm

–       High speed Turbo/Pulse of 4500 rpm

–       R-Mix blend speed -100 to -500 rpm

–       Pulse (variable speed)

–       Intermittent speed (slow speed blade rotation every 2 seconds)


Delivered with:

–       Fine serrated blade

–       Smooth blade

–       Scraper arm


Programming function 9 recipes

Heating capacity up to +140oC

S/S Bowl Cutter 3.7 Liter

Liquid Capacity 2.5 Liter

Capacity : 3.7 Liter (Including 2 blades)
W x D x H (mm) : 226 x 338 x 522
V : 230
Ph : 1
Hz : 50
Electric Power (kW) : 1.8


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