Blender with Digital Control and Sound Cover

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Type : 0100100270
Product Specification

Primo is a brand of quality commercial kitchen equipment that is suitable for professional kitchens such as restaurants and caterings, with each product individually designed to suit export quality satndards. Simple design, easy to clean and maintain with friendly price is a good solution for kitchens that require Western standard equipment while maintaining affordable price.



– Digital control with three speeds
(15000, 20000, and 25000 RPM)
– Sound enclosure for minimum noise for
open kitchens and cafe bar operations.
– Timer settings of 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40,
45, & 60 seconds for auto turn-off.
– Stainless steel blade
– High quality oil seal
– CE standard PCB
– Magnetic safety lock system

Capacity : 2 Liters
Power : 1,8 kW (2.4HP)
HP : 2.4
Voltage : 22o V/1 Ph/50 Hz



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